2013 Presentations and Materials

Introduction from Zoetis
- Allen Moczgemba

Tips on Managing Forage
- Burke Teichert


Motivation of Ranch Employees
- Clay Mathis
Satisfaction and Motivation of Ranch Employees 


Animal Welfare
- Dan Thomson
Beef Cattle Welfare: Walking the Walk 


Weather Predictions for Farmers and Ranchers
- John Nielsen-Gammon
Weather Predictions for Farmers and Ranchers 


Cow is Reproductive Wreck
- Mike Smith
My Herd is a Reproductive Wreck: What Can I Do? 


Making a Replacement Heifer to Productive Cow
- Rick Funston
Replacement Heifer: Nutrition and Reproduction Interactions 


Consumer Attitudes about Beef
 - John Lundeen
Consumer Attitudes about Beef and Beef Production Practices 

How Technology Helped Ranch to Prosper
- Animal  Management
Technology & the Ranch 


Bill McDonald


Dave Nichols


Mark Gardiner

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...taking care of our needs while we are out in the fields
taking care of our animals and our land.

-Tony Turri - California