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Date: 12/6/2011

Title: Beltway Beef Audio News

CattleFax Market Analyst Lance Zimmerman has taken auction market research to a new level by focusing on video auction markets and the premiums and discounts producers receive for cattle raised using value added management practices. He’ll share the findings of that research with producers at Cattlemen’s College in February. Zimmerman says producers need to be aware of the return on investment they can see from these management practices. He says the information will help producers as they assess different practices and participation in value added programs.

Zimmerman encourages producers to attend his session at Cattlemen’s College. Even if they believe they’ve heard it all before - he says this research highlights new management practices that haven’t had much coverage before. The 19th annual Cattlemen’s College will be held February 1st in conjunction with the 2012 Cattle Industry Convention and NCBA Trade Show in Nashville, Tennessee.

Beltway Beef Commentary - Understanding the Value of Value Added Management Practices (12.6.2011) by Beltway Beef

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