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Date: 3/20/2012

Title: Beltway Beef Audio News

NCBA’s Mary Geiger went on a mission recently to talk to as many members of Congress as possible. Today, we bring you Congressman Sam Graves (R-Mo.). Rep. Graves, who is also a farmer from Northwest Missouri, says the 2012 Farm Bill isn’t really a farm bill. He says it is more like a food policy bill. He says Americans enjoy the safest, most abundant food supply in the world.

NCBA and Rep. Graves have permanent relief from the estate tax as a priority in 2012. Rep. Graves says death shouldn’t be a taxable event and says the mere concept of the tax is wrong.

Congressman Graves says there is only one true fix to the unprecedented regulatory overreach occurring across the country. He says the only way things will get better is with a new administration. This is the Congressman’s opinion. We won’t offer our two cents on that one but we do encourage everyone to make voting a priority in 2012.


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