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Date: 9/25/2012

Title: Beltway Beef Audio News

Last week NCBA held a "Beef 101" presentation for congressional staff on the estate tax. Guest speakers were Randy Barthle and his daughter Sarabeth Barthle-Simmons, owners of Barthle Brothers Ranch in San Antonio, Fla. The Barthle family has been directly affected by the estate tax. In this week's audio, NCBA's Associate Director of Legislative Affairs Kent Bacus explains the goals of the "Beef 101" educational series, why the estate tax is so important to ranching families and what those in the beef industry can do to make their voices heard.


"We truly feel the NCBA... a grassroots organization and there is power in numbers. Where else have you been part of a crowd of 6,000 people who salute the flag and say prayer before an annual conference?"

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Kris Vincent
Ohio Rancher