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Date: 1/9/2014

Title: States, National Checkoff Efforts Combine Forces in Retail Marketing Program

A new checkoff-funded retail marketing program called Beef Alternative Marketing – or BAM – is starting to catch the attention of retailers around the country. The program has identified cutting and marketing techniques for creating smaller fillets and roasts out of the beef ribeyes, loins and top sirloins.

Heather Buckmaster is executive director of the Oklahoma Beef Council. She says the OBC got involved with the nationally-developed program because it had unique methods of extending the program.

“We have a great retailer in the Oklahoma market – Homeland – who’s willing to try new things, so we were able to come in and provide additional dollars into the program, when the first launched the BAM program. So you’ve to have the right opportunity and the right retailer, and we had those ingredients in Oklahoma .” (18 seconds)

According to Buckmaster, the BAM program works to sell more beef by aiming its message toward consumers who may spend their dollars elsewhere.

“What this kind of program does is really lay the groundwork for foundational growth, foundational merchandising. It really helps that consumer identify those cuts where maybe they wouldn’t have bought beef otherwise, because they were looking for smaller portions and smaller cuts, and this is what this program does for them.” (17 seconds)

Buckmaster says that it’s only with a coordinated national-state partnership that success in programs like Beef Alternative Marketing can succeed. 

“We really need that expertise that comes in from the national; that they create the programs, then we’re able to execute them on a state level. So really having that partnership is invaluable. We’re not all re-creating the wheel. We’re all spokes in that same wheel.” (15 seconds)

The partnership works to provide national recommendations and information in all program areas.

“We always have somebody there to help us, whether it’s foodservice, retail, advertising. Anything that we’re doing, that resource is there. And then we’re there on the ground with boots on the ground, in the particular states, to execute those programs.” (13 seconds)

According to Buckmaster, beef producers nationwide who want more information on what their checkoff is about should contact the beef council in their state. 

“Really get to know how that relationship works because I think it’s been core to the success of the beef checkoff.” (6 seconds)

Federation information on this page funded by the Beef Checkoff.

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