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2016 End of Year Policy Issues Update

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A new administration and a new congress will be headed to DC in January, but before then, there's a lot to be done in the policy arena. Join us for an update with our Washington DC staff covering policy priorities for the end of the year. Topics include WOTUS, the Sage grouse provision in NDAA, international trade and an update on NCBA's work to address market volatility.

Hear updates from these NCBA DC team members:

Colin Woodall

Colin Woodall is the Sr. Vice President of Government Affairs for NCBA in Washington, D.C.  He serves as NCBA’s chief lobbyist on Capitol Hill and leads the Washington office in developing strategies to ensure that the cattle industry’s voice is being heard by policy makers.
Originally from Big Spring, Texas, Colin graduated from Texas A&M and then worked as a grain elevator manager and merchandiser for Cargill at several locations in western Kansas and the Oklahoma panhandle.  After venturing to Washington, Colin took a job with U.S. Senator John Cornyn from Texas.  He has been with NCBA since 2004.  He is on the Executive Committee of the Government Relations Leadership Forum and is the immediate past Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Agriculture Council of America. 

Kent Bacus

Kent Bacus, NCBA Director of International Trade and Market Access.  Kent is NCBA’s lead advocate on trade issues including the Trans-Pacific Partnership, China access, and more. In this position Kent works with Congress, the White House, and foreign governments to advance beef industry trade priorities.

Ethan Lane

Ethan Lane is the Executive Director of the Public Lands Council and NCBA Federal Lands.  He is a 5th generation Arizonan with 18 years experience in natural resources and land use issues.
Before coming to PLC and NCBA, Ethan worked on multiple high profile political campaigns and advised a variety of private companies and industries operating on public lands throughout the West.
Prior to moving to Washington, Ethan spent ten years helping to grow and manage a large real estate and ranch portfolio including more than five hundred thousand acres in Arizona alone – much of that made up of State, Forest Service, and BLM grazing permits.  His diverse background gives him a unique perspective on the challenges landowners and lessees face in operating successful businesses on public lands.

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