Committee Leadership


Domestic Consumer Preference

Terri Carstensen, IA, Chair
Laurie Munns
, UT, Vice Chair


Diane Kirkbride, WY, Chair
Joan Ruskamp, NE, Vice Chair


Mike McCormick, MS, Chair
Jerry Bohn, KS, Vice Chair


Sid Viebrock, WA, Chair
Barbara Jackson, AZ, Vice Chair

Nutrition & Health

Clay Burtrum, OK, Chair
Jo Stanko, CO, Vice Chair


Jim Steinbeisser, MT, Chair
Barbara Jacques, OK, Vice Chair


Global Growth

Dave Edmiston,TX, Chair 
Morgan Evans, ID, Vice Chair

Beef's Image

Brett Morris, OK, Chair 
Austin Brown, III, TX, Vice Chair

Freedom To Operate

Chuck Kiker III, TX, Chair
Steve Hanson, NE, Vice Chair

Checkoff Working Groups

Market Research Working Group

Susie O'Brien, TX, Chair 
Joe Guthrie, VA, Vice Chair 

Producer Communications Working Group

Jeanne Harland, IL, Chair 
Larry Jones, KS, Vice Chair 




Ag & Food Policy

J Kent Bamford, CO, Chair 
Todd Mortenson, SD, Vice Chair

Cattle Health & Well Being

Lewis "Bud" Dinges, TX Chair 
Jimmy Holliman, AL Vice Chair 

Federal Lands

Robbie LeValley, CO, Chair 
Rex Sacco, UT, Vice Chair

Cattle Marketing & International Trade

Ed Greiman, IA, Chair 
Joe Kovanda, MO, Vice Chair

Political Action

Jim Strickland, FL, Chair 
JD Alexander, NE, Vice Chair

Property Rights/Envir.Mgt.

Joe Leathers, TX,  Chair
Tim Koopmann, CA, Vice Chair

Tax & Credit

Bill Slovek, SD, Chair
Gene Copenhaver, VA, Vice Chair 

NCBA Membership

Craig Uden, NE, Chair 
Kevin Kester, CA, Vice Chair  



Finance & Audit

Richard Gebhart,OK, Chair


Ted Greidanus, CA, Chair
Dawn Caldwell
, NE, Vice Chair


Scott George, WY, Chair 


Jaclyn Wilson, NE Chair 
Alisa Ogden, NM, Vice Chair 



Livestock Marketing

John Rose, MT, Chair
Dennis Metzger, CA, Vice Chair 

Allied Industry

Todd Firkins, KS,  Chair 


Kevin Hueser, SD, Chair 

Young Beef Leaders

Keith Nantz, OR, Chair 

NCBA is on Capitol Hill...

...taking care of our needs while we are out in the fields
taking care of our animals and our land.

-Tony Turri - California