Committee Leadership


Domestic Consumer Preference Committee

Terri Carstensen, IA, Chair
Laurie Munns
, UT, Vice Chair

Convenience Subcommittee

Bruce Dopslauf, TX, Chair
Diane Kirkbride
, WY, Vice Chair

Safety Subcommittee

Mike McCormick, MS, Chair
Jerry Bohn, KS, Vice Chair

Value Subcommittee

Sid Viebrock, WA, Chair
Barbara Jackson, AZ, Vice Chair

Nutrition & Health Subcommittee

Clay Burtrum, OK, Chair
Charles Risinger, TX, Vice Chair

Taste Subcommittee

Jim Steinbeisser, MT, Chair
Barbara Jacques, OK, Vice Chair


Global Growth Committee

Larry Pratt,TX, Chair 
Morgan Evans, ID, Vice Chair

Beef's Image Committee

Brett Morris, OK, Chair 
Austin Brown, III, TX, Vice Chair

Freedom To Operate Committee

Kent Pruisman, IA, Chair
Steve Hanson, NE, Vice Chair

Checkoff Working Groups

Market Research Working Group

Jerry Effertz, ND, Chair 
Joe Guthrie, VA, Vice Chair 

Producer Communications Working Group

Jeanne Harland, IL, Chair 
Larry Jones, KS, Vice Chair 




Ag & Food Policy Committee

David Petty, IA, Chair 
Dave DeLaney, TX, Vice Chair

Cattle Health & Well Being Committee

William Nutt, GA , Chair 
Lewis "Bud" Dinges, TX Vice Chair 

Federal Lands Committee

David Cook, AZ, Chair 
Robbie LeValley, CO, Vice Chair

Cattle Marketing & International Trade Committee

Todd Schroeder, NE, Chair 
Erik Jacobsen, FL, Vice Chair

Political Action Committee

Steve Foglesong, IL, Chair 
Jim Strickland, Vice Chair

Property Rights/Envir.Mgt.Committee

Charles Folken, NE, Chair
Joe Leathers, TX, Vice Chair

Tax & Credit Committee

Bill Slovek, SD, Chair 

NCBA Membership Committee

Craig Uden, NE, Chair 
Kevin Kester, CA, Vice Chair  



Finance & Audit Committee

Richard Gebhart,OK, Chair

Evaluation Committee

Ted Greidanus, CA, Chair
Dawn Caldwell
, NE, Vice Chair

Nominating Committee

Scott George, WY, Chair 

Resolutions Committee

Mark Frasier, CO, Chair 
Jaclyn Wilson-Demel, NE, Vice Chair 



Live Stock Marketing Council

John Rose, MT, Chair
Dennis Metzger, CA, Vice Chair 

Allied Industry Council

Todd Firkins, KS,  Chair 

Product Council

Open, Chair 

Young Producers Council

Jen Livsey, CO, Chair 
Margaret Ann Smith, VASecretary/Treasurer

I am an NCBA Member...
...because I think they're the greatest national association
we have in this country. And they provide wonderful
assistance and services to cattlemen across this country.  
-Bob McCan, Texas