Committee Leadership


Consumer Trust  

Janna Stubss, TX, Co-Chair (C)
Scott McGregor, IA, Co-Chair (F)

Export Growth

Clark Price, ND, Co-Chair (F)
Hugh Sanburg, CO, Co-Chair (C)


Sarah Childs, FL, Co-Chair (C)
Buck Wherebein, NE, Co-Chair (F)

Nutrition & Health

Jared Brackett, ID, Co-Chair (C)
Clay Burtrum, OK, Co-Chair (F)


Jerry Bohn, KS, Co-Chair (F)
Mike Smith, CA, Co-Chair (C)


Checkoff Working Groups

Market Research Working Group

Bill McDonalnd, VA, Co-Chair (F)
Dianne Kirkbride, WY, Co-Chair (C)

Investor Relations Working Group

Kristin Larson, MT, Co-Chair (F)
Jo Stanko, CO, Co-Chair (C)



F- Federation, C- Cattlemen's Beef Board


Ag & Food Policy

Dave DeLaney, TX, Chair 
Debbie Lyons-Blythe, KS, Vice Chair

Cattle Health & Well Being

Jimmy Holliman, AL, Chair 
Dale Grotelueschen, NE, Vice Chair 

Federal Lands

Rex Sacco, UT, Chair 
JJ Goicoechea, NV, Vice Chair

Live Cattle Marketing

Myron Williams, SD, Chair 
Steve Sunderman, NE, Vice Chair

International Trade 

Jason Zahn, ND, Chair 
Missy Bonds, TX, Vice Chair

Political Action

Jim Strickland, FL, Chair 
JD Alexander, NE, Vice Chair

Property Rights/Envir.Mgt.

Tim Koopmann, CA,  Chair
Tom McDonald, TX, Vice Chair

Tax & Credit

Gene Coopenhaver, VA, Chair
Scott Peterson, NE, Vice Chair 

NCBA Membership

Jennifer Houston, TN, Chair 
Joe Guild, NV, Vice Chair  



Finance & Audit

Marty Smith, FL, Chair


Dawn Caldwell, NE, Co-Chair
Chuck Coffey
, OK, Co-Chair


Phillip Ellis, WY, Chair 


Jaclyn Wilson, NE Chair 
Mary Ann Kniebel, KS, Vice Chair 



Livestock Marketing

Dennis Metzger, CA, Chair
Margaret Ann Smith, VA, Vice Chair 

Allied Industry

Todd Firkins, KS,  Chair
Paul Parker, NJ, Vice Chair

Product Council

Kevin Hueser, SD, Chair 

Young Beef Leaders Steering Committee

Ryan Miller, KY, Region I
Jacob Nyhuis, GA, Region II
Ben Novak, IA, Region III
April Bonds, TX, Region IV
Matt Hunt, CO, Region V
Jason Small, HI, Region VI
Keith Bryant, KS, Region VII


"NCBA is on Capitol Hill...

...taking care of our needs while we are out in the fields taking care of our animals and our land."

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