Environmental Stewardship Award

Established in 1991, the Environmental Stewardship Award Program (ESAP) provides an opportunity for the beef industry to showcase the stewardship, conservation and business practices that work together on farms and ranches.

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Meet the National 2016 ESAP Winner

Black Leg Ranch of McKenzie, North Dakota, was named national 2016 winner of the prestigious Environmental Stewardship Award Program (ESAP) for its commitment to protecting America’s natural resources in a flourishing operation. The Black Leg Ranch is operated by the Doan family, which includes Jerry and Renae Doan, Jeremy and Ashlee Doan, Jay and Kari Doan, Jayce Doan, and Shanda and Don Morgan.

Meet the Regional 2016 ESAP Winners

Region 1

Huntingdon Farm
John and Kathryn Dawes
Alexandria, Pennsylvania

Region 3

Stoney Creek Farm
Grant and Dawn Breikreutz
Redwood Falls, Minnesota

Region 4

Turkey Track Ranch
Dale Smith and Jay O'Brien
Amarillo, Texas

Region 5

Cherry Creek Ranch
Lon and Vicki Reukauf
Terry, Montana

Region 6

Smith Creek Ranch
Samuel Lossing, Duane Coombs, and Ray Hendrix
Austin, Nevada

Region 7

 Black Leg Ranch
The Doan Family and Shanda and Don Morgan
McKenzie, North Dakota


"As individuals, we have limited resources...

...to aid in keeping the "wolves" such as government, environmental and radical groups, off of our door steps. NCBA is there every day protecting our industry."

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