European Union BSE Timeline

1989: Republic of Ireland reports first BSE case outside the United Kingdom.

1992: Germany reports first imported case of BSE.

1994: Ban on feeding ruminant MBM1 to cattle instituted for all European Union countries.

1996: European Union commission bans cattle and feed imports from United Kingdom and European Union member countries.

1997: Germany diagnoses five more BSE cases in imported animals through 1997.

2000: FVO3 study finds Germany not enforcing feed ban. Germany finds first case of domestic BSE.

2001: European Union states required to start BSE testing and ban feeding any animal protein to livestock. Germany finds 125 BSE cases after active testing begins.

2006: Worldwide BSE cases drop to 260 with the most in Europe.

2011: World Health Organization (OIE) finds 29 cases of BSE worldwide and 28 of those occurring in the European Union.

1: Meat and bone meal (MBM) from BSE-infected cattle used as a protein supplement in cattle feed is believed to cause the spread of BSE.
2: MBM imports from United Kingdom were banned by Canada in 1978 for reasons other than BSE prevention.
3: The European Commission's Food and Veterinary Office (FVO).
4: General Accounting Office 2002 report, which identified potential steps for strengthening the United States feed ban firewall.

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