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Date: 3/29/2012

Title: Leadership Critical to Checkoff Programming

DENVER - From the more than 650 beef producers, importers and industry stakeholders who serve on state beef council (SBC) boards of directors, to the 20 individuals who serve on the Beef Promotion Operating Committee (BPOC), beef industry leadership is key to a successful checkoff program.

At the state level, each beef council board is unique in its composition and how it reflects the state’s beef industry. In some states board members are elected, while in others they are appointed by industry organizations, a government agency or a government official to represent a specific industry segment. Regardless of how a board is comprised, the fiduciary responsibility of its members is the same – to provide strategic direction in checkoff programming and to assure accountability of producers’ investment in the program.

SBC directors make the decision to invest funds from the “state’s 50 cents” of the $1 checkoff in the Federation of State Beef Councils, and at what monetary level. By investing in the Federation, each participating SBC earns board and committee representation within NCBA, proportionate to its investment. Approximately 90 producers, appointed by their SBC, serve on the NCBA Federation Division board and on program committees. Their role in these positions is essential in directing how best to invest checkoff dollars to increase demand for beef.

Federation directors also have a role in the BPOC, which sets the checkoff budget and programs each year. The committee is comprised of 10 representatives from the Federation and 10 representatives from the Cattlemen’s Beef Board. This body reviews Authorization Requests (ARs are detailed plans of work) and has the authority to contract with established national nonprofit industry-governed organizations to implement programs of promotion, research, consumer information and industry information.

Overseeing the checkoff dollar is a serious responsibility, from state collection to investment in programs that drive beef demand globally. It requires engagement from leaders at all levels. Ultimately, that responsibility starts at the state level.

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