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Date: 6/4/2012

Title: Federation of State Beef Councils Basics

DENVER - The Federation of State Beef Councils was the topic of the May 15 NCBA’s Cattlemen to Cattlemen TV program. Here are some highlights:

The Federation is grounded through the 45 checkoff-collecting Qualified State Beef Councils (QSBC) that choose its board members. The board makes independent decisions, including the management of its financial resources and actions.

The Federation – with a history that goes back nearly 50 years – has an administrative home within the NCBA. This allows it to take advantage of staff and business services and create a synergistic connection with teams carrying out checkoff-funded and industry-strengthening programs.

State Beef Councils (SBCs) invest voluntarily in the Federation. That decision is made by 707 beef producers who currently sit on SBC boards around the country. SBC directors represent a wide variety of industry organizations and sectors.

States such as Nebraska and Wyoming, which have more cattle than consumers, invest in the Federation to help redistribute promotion and education dollars to parts of the country where the most people live. The idea of moving money from high collecting states to high population centers is a foundational purpose of the Federation.

The Federation invests more than $5 million annually to augment the national checkoff. SBCs, in turn, extend national programs within their states. The Federation assists state extension by developing materials and other resources, and helping align strategies.

The Federation also manages a grant program that is supported by voluntary state contributions. Grants that work to help increase beef demand are awarded to states with high consumer populations. For example, the New York Beef Industry Council, with a budget under $300,000 and 19 million consumers, has received grants for outreach to consumers and a variety of influencer groups.

Finally, Federation funds provide SBCs access to a wide variety of business services, including communications materials, public relations counseling, crisis management advice, extension support from national program teams, comprehensive IT support, personnel consulting and strategic business planning assistance.

Note: The Federation program will be rebroadcast on July 10, at 8 p.m. EST on RFD-TV. You can also watch it online by going to the archives for May 15, at www.cattlementocattlemen.org.

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