Federation Principles

In 2008, a Federation Working Group formed, in response to a recommendation from an industry-wide beef checkoff task force. The working group was charged with finding ways to increase the beef industry’s understanding of the Federation’s role in the checkoff process.

The working group first created a vision statement.

The next step was to write the Federation’s Statement of Beliefs, which stresses the importance of an effective state/national checkoff partnership and recognizes producer control of checkoff dollars through the state beef councils as the “foundation” of the checkoff.

Over the next few years, the Federation continued to foster industry understanding of its structure, including its then-14-year operational ties to National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA). In 2010, the Federation board approved a resolution reaffirming its organizational independence and its intention to remain under the NCBA umbrella to maintain business efficiencies.

In follow-up action to that resolution, a Federation Structure Working Group created a Charter of Principles, approved by the Federation board in February 2011. The charter clarifies the ways in which the Federation makes its own business and financial decisions.

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"We truly feel the NCBA...

...is a grassroots organization and there is power in numbers. Where else have you been part of a crowd of 6,000 people who salute the flag and say prayer before an annual conference?"

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