How NCBA Policy is Adopted

Our founding fathers first established our predecessor organization to be the voice for all cattle producers and to serve as the beef industry leader. The foundation of its existence is outlined in the industry vision statement. In that vision the principle of one plan, and one voice is clearly portrayed. It speaks clearly to industry unity and collaboration.

How NCBA Policy is Adopted and by Who

NCBA is an organization that is producer directed. All direction and policy is brought forth to NCBA from producers through their state and breed organizations.


It all starts with you.

State & National Producer Members

Individual members/counties introduce policy through their state affiliates.

State Cattlemen's Association Boards

Policy passed by Affiliates is passed along to the NCBA Committee process.

Policy Committees

  • Ag & Nutrition Policy
  • Cattle Health & Well Being
  • Federal Lands
  • Live Cattle Marketing
  • International Trade
  • Property Rights &
    Environmental Management
  • Tax & Credit
  • Membership



Policy passed out of an NCBA committee goes to the Resolutions Committee
and then on to the NCBA Board of Directors for approval.



NCBA Board of Directors - Policy Division

NCBA Board of Directors approves and/or modifies Policy. Following Board approval, a ballot is mailed to all members for consideration.


Membership Approval by Ballot

Policy adopted by the Board may be reconsidered or modified if the following criteria is met:
20% Response - Total Membership
20% Response in 4 out of 7 regions
It takes a simple majority to negate policy


Additional Information

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