IBP - One of the three largest beef-packing companies.

immunity - Ability of an animal to resist or overcome infection.

implant - To graft or insert material to intact tissues.

inbreeding - Mating of individuals more closely related than the average individuals in a population.  Inbreeding increases homozygosity in the cattle population but does not change gene frequency.
income  Difference between revenue and expenses that is referred to as net income; gross income refers to total income.

income statement - Financial statement that summarizes all revenues and expenses and used to determine the net income or net loss for a given period of time, usually a year.

independent culling level - Selection method whereby minimum acceptable phenotypic levels are assigned to several traits.

index - Overall merit rating of an animal.

inflation - General increase in prices that decreases the purchasing power of a dollar.

insemination - Deposition of semen in the female reproductive tract.

intake - The amount of feed consumed by an animal per day.  Intake is usually expressed as a percent of bodyweight or in pounds per day.

integrated resource management (IRM) - Multidisciplinary approach to managing cattle more efficiently and profitably; management decisions are based on how all resources are affected.

integration - Bringing together of two or more segments of beef production and processing under one centrally organized unit.

intensive grazing management (IGM) - Grazing management where a grazing unit is subdivided into subunits (paddocks) with grazing periods typically less than 5 days.

intensive rotational grazing - Synonymous with “intensive grazing management.”

interest rate - Charge or fee associated with borrowed money.

intermuscular fat - Fat located between muscle systems.  Also called seam fat.

intramuscular fat - Fat within the muscle or marbling.

inter se mating - Mating of animals within a defined population.  Literally to mate among themselves.

intravenous - Within the vein.  An intravenous injection is made into a vein.

in vitro - Outside the living body; in a test tube or artificial environment.

in vivo - Within the living body.

involution - Return of an organ to its normal size or condition after being enlarged (e.g., the uterus after parturition).  A decline in size or activity of other tissues; the mammary gland tissues normally involute with advancing lactation.

ionophore - Antibiotic that enhances feed efficiency by changing microbial fermentation in the rumen.

IRM - See integrated resource management (IRM).

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