John Deere Coupon Disclaimer

Disclaimer: Association members must be a member for 90 days before becoming eligible to use the JD Partner Program. Must have current National Cattlemen's Beef Association member number or card, coupon and photo identification at time of purchase. Non-transferable. Only 2 redemptions of coupons per calendar year. Discount and products subject to change without notice. Only listed products are applicable for the discount. Products not listed carry no additional partner discount and cannot be claimed by the dealer. All other John Deere incentives applicable except John Deere Employee Purchase Plan. Program only valid in the United States and Canada. Only new John Deere equipment is eligible. Only one coupon may be used per item purchased. If a customer is a member or employee of more than one organization, they are not eligible for multiple discounts. Coupon is only valid at time of purchase.
Only redeemable at authorized and participating John Deere dealers (Cannot be used at Home Depot or Lowe's).

Using your coupon:
Please identify yourself as an National Cattlemen's Beef Association member to the dealer and inform him or her that you have a special offer from John Deere. The dealer will need to verify
the authenticity of the coupon before making the sale. To redeem your partner coupon you must have the following with you at time of purchase:
* Current National Cattlemen's Beef Association member number
* Photo ID
* Partner coupon

This offer is non-transferable. JD coupon printed is good for 30 days.

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