Cevin Jones
NCBA Federation Division Chairman

Cevin Jones is a cattle feeder from Eden, Idaho, operating Intermountain Beef, a full-service, custom feedlot.

Jones grew up on a family feedlot and farming operation and is a graduate of Boise State University. He has been involved with and dedicated to the beef industry his entire life. He is chairman of the Idaho Beef Council Board of Directors, and serves on the Beef Promotion Operating Committee, where he has represented the Federation of State Beef Councils since 2010. From 2006-2009 Jones was the NCBA Federation Region V vice-president, representing fellow cattlemen in Idaho, Colorado, Montana, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming.

In addition, Jones served on the NCBA Board of Directors from 2002-2004, and has been a member of the NCBA International Markets Committee. He has been on the U.S. Meat Export Federation Board of Directors since 2011.

In 2008 Jones was awarded the Idaho Cattle Feeder of the Year award by the Idaho Cattle Association (ICA). He served as president of the ICA in 2004, as well as on ICA’s Executive Committee, Board of Directors and numerous ICA committees. He has been inducted into the Southern Idaho Livestock Hall of Fame.

Jennifer Houston
NCBA Federation Division Vice Chairman

Houston grew up on a cattle and hog farm in West Tennessee, and graduated from the University of Tennessee with a degree in animal science. She worked for the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Tennessee prior to joining her husband in a family livestock market operation. Houston has been deeply involved in the beef checkoff at the state and national levels. She was appointed to the Tennessee Beef Industry Council in 1986, and served as the TBIC representative to the National Live Stock and Meat Board, a predecessor organization to NCBA.




Federation Members of the Beef Promotion Operating Committee (BPOC)

The Federation chair and vice chair always serve on the BPOC. The other eight Federation members are elected by the Federation’s Board of Directors. BPOC members serve one-year terms and are eligible to be nominated to run for subsequent terms. No member shall serve more than six consecutive terms.

Cevin Jones, ID, BPOC Vice Chair and Federation Chair

Jennifer Houston, TN, Federation Vice Chair

Austin Brown, TX

Clay Burtrum, OK

Dawn Caldwell, NE

Terri Carstensen, IA

Jerry Effertz, ND

Steve Hanson, NE

Scott McGregor, IA

Irv Petsch, WY

NCBA Executive Committee - Federation Division

Region I

Garry Wiley, MI

Region II

Donna Jo Curtis, AL

Region III

Tod Fleming, WI

Region IV

Clay Burtrum, OK

Region V

Sid Viebrock, WA

Region VI

Linda Brake, AZ 

Region VII

Steve Hanson, NE

Jurian Bartlese, NY, Veal Rep. to Executive Committee




Beef Council Revenue Seats


Mark Harms, KBC, (3 yr)


Dawn Caldwell, NBC, (2 yr)


Dick Sherron, TXBC, (3 yr)



Non-Voting Member

Heather Buckmaster,Chair, Federation Advisory Council

Advisory Leadership - Federation Advisory Council

This committee consists of state beef council executive directors, who provide insight about state issues to Federation leadership:

Heather Buckmaster, OK,Chair

Valerie Bass, TN, Vice Chair

Kevin Thielen, KS, Past Chair

Nancy Jo Bateman, ND

Patti Brumbach, WA

John Freitag, WI

Chaley Harney, MT

Elizabeth Harsh, OH

Brent Tanner, UT

Josh White, GA

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