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NCBA’s Livestock Marketing Services has teamed with the law offices of Oldfield & Fox P.C. to provide council members a broad scope of legal consultation resources to effectively manage all threatening forces to your marketing business. A simple phone call gives you access to extremely qualified, retained legal professionals to effectively consult about your needs in areas like:

  • Bond Claims
  • Lien Laws
  • Cases Involving Packers & Stockyards Regulatory Pressures
  • Livestock Commerce Contracts
  • Payment Collection Procedures
  • Animal Regulatory and Health Laws
  • Fraudulent Business Tactics
  • Extortion

Access to legal consultation from livestock industry savvy professionals in the areas of business and agriculture law is designed to help keep your business moving in the right direction. Access to these legal resources is offered to you through your membership investment.

Oldfield, Fox & Sarna P.C.

Moving your livestock marketing business forward requires decisive, informed and rapid action.

Leading livestock marketing businesses turn to Oldfield & Fox, P.C. for legal advice and legal advantage.

For every business problem there are solutions. That’s why the NCBA Livestock Marketing Council has united with Oldfield & Fox, P.C. to help find solutions to your legal needs.

Oldfield, Fox & Sarna P.C.
Suite 201 2021 Midwest Road
Oak Brook, Illinois 60523
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Director, LMC Industry & Affiliate Outreach

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