Low Stress Cattle Handling DVD

Curt Pate, Montana
Although there are many popular horse clinicians across the country today, not all are career cowboys and even fewer are cattle producers – Curt Pate is both. This Montana native understands proper cattle handling. He knows cattle production is a “for profit” business with increased economic benefits handling cattle properly. Whether it be doctoring, gathering or sorting, Curt demonstrates how mounted cowboys can handle cattle in a manner that minimizes stress, to save time and horsepower, while maximizing cattle productivity.

Charlie Trayer, Kansas
Charlie Trayer wears many hats – rancher, horseman, dog trainer, just to name a few. For more than 35 years, Charlie has managed the Cottonwood Ranch in Chase County, Kansas. Charlie invested in his first Hangin’ Tree Cowdogs almost a decade ago as an alternative to hiring cowboys to work yearling cattle. He quickly found the dogs to be irreplaceable assets on the ranch. Today, Charlie not only raises and trains Hangin’ Tree Cowdogs, he educates ranchers on using dogs in their cattle operations and on their proper handling and training.

Joel Ham
Joel Ham is a 4th-generation rancher raised in West Texas who has extensive experience with cattle, sheep and horses. Joel was inspired to learn better stockmanship skills after meeting Bud and Eunice Williams in 1989. He makes his living using low-stress handling principles everyday…and is highly recommended as an expert by the master…Bud Williams. Joel is confident that low-stress handling techniques are economically prudent in many ways. His message is clear: “When your cattle handling skills actually reduce or remove stress…you save time, money and livestock – period. That’s good business.”

Featuring Curt Pate, Charlie Trayer and Joel Ham
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