Meet Our Past Interns

"NCBA introduced me to the policy side of the beef industry I hadn't been exposed to before. It ended up leading me toward a path I never thought I would go down and now I call D.C. my home. Stay open minded to all career possibilities."

- Mollie Wilken (NE), Summer 2014 Intern, Staff Assistant in Senator Fischer's Office

"NCBA and PLC provide opportunities that few other DC internships can offer. They truly make you feel part of the team working on key policy issues that impact the beef industry. The internship gives you the opportunity to cover topics ranging from animal welfare to trade. You get the chance to advocate on behalf of the industry on Capitol Hill. If you have any interest in policy of any segment of the beef industry I highly encourage you to apply." 

- John Weber (MN), Summer 2014 Intern, Animal Science major at South Dakota State University

“NCBA and PLC provide an internship that gives students the opportunity to experience policy making first-hand. The team makes a powerful impact on legislation while staying true to their roots, and I enjoyed working alongside them on key policy issues. It truly is rewarding to be able to advocate for cattle producers across the nation, and I would encourage students interested in agricultural policy to apply."

- Emily Buck (TN),
Spring 2014 Intern, Animal Science Major, Ag Business Minor at the University of Tennessee

Emily in the D.C. Office

Shawna at the Capitol

“Interning with NCBA is a great opportunity that I would strongly recommend to anyone. The internship has opened my eyes to a world of opportunity I didn’t know existed. Being immersed in policy, I have learned more in one semester about Congress and the political issues that affect our ranchers back home than I have in several semesters of classes. NCBA, combined with the halls of Congress, serve as a great classroom.”

- Shawna Newsome (FL), Fall 2013 Intern, Manager of Communications for the National Cattlemen’s  Beef Association 

“This internship is a great opportunity to see first-hand grassroots efforts at work in Washington, D.C. Working with NCBA and PLC, I have a better understanding of the political issues that affect cattlemen and women back at home.”

-Rachel Abeh (MT), Fall 2013 Intern, Agricultural Education-Relations major at Montana State University

           Rachel at the Capitol 

Chase at the Library of Congress

"The public policy internship is not just another typical DC internship, it is a chance to be immersed in the process of policy formation while working alongside those who advocate for ranchers and the beef industry on a daily basis.  The internship gave me an opportunity to gain a broader understanding of the entire beef industry and see just how policy can effect producers and consumers.  As a policy intern with NCBA and PLC I was able to work with producers, industry leaders and congressional offices to develop policy that can be beneficial for all.  All of this while living in our nation's capital-- I couldn't have imagined a better experience."

- Chase DeCoite (CA), Summer 2013 Intern, Manager of Beef Quality Assurance at the National Cattlemen's Beef Association


"To any student who wants to take the next step in advocating for the future of animal agriculture, this is the place to be. The experience is invaluable and NCBA gives you the opportunity to learn about policy and communication at our nation’s capital. NCBA gave me a deeper understanding of how to advocate for the beef industry on a national level."

-Kristy Klingenberg (OH), Summer 2013 Intern, Veterinary Student at the Ohio State University

 Kristy at the YCC John Deere event overlooking the White House  

       Rossie and Kaitlynn at the National Zoo 

“The NCBA Public Policy Internship was an amazing experience. NCBA staff defends farmers and ranchers every day and treated me like part of the team to help ranchers keep their livelihood. I would recommend this experience to any student who wants to live in an exciting city and advocate for the animal agriculture industry.”  

-Rossie Blinson (NC), Spring 2013 Intern, Marketing and Membership Manager for the Animal Agriculture Alliance

“Living and working in the nation’s policy formation center provides a comprehensive learning experience for students engaged in all facets of agriculture.  At NCBA and PLC, I had the opportunity to learn from the best, shadowing those who work every day to preserve the longevity of good ag policy in one of the most historic places in the country.” 

-Kaitlynn Glover (WY), Spring 2013 Intern, Masters of Agriscience in Innovation Support fellowship at University College Dublin

           Kaitlynn in Ireland 

                    Stacy at the Capitol

"My internship experience helped me understand how to be a successful advocate for the beef industry through the political and regulatory processes. I learned how NCBA policies influence potential legislation and how to interact with lawmakers and agencies in order to accomplish beef industry objectives."

-Stacy Revels (FL), Summer 2012 Intern, Policy Advisor for the South Dakota Department of Agriculture

"My experience with NCBA broadened my knowledge of the beef industry, but more importantly gave me first hand experience in the politics of agriculture. Unlike other organizations, NCBA gave me a unique look at constituent concerns while providing me invaluable experience in both policy and communication. The knowledge and skills I learned from NCBA have given me a unique perspective that I continue to use today."

-Jasmine Macies (NY), Spring 2012 Intern, Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health student

           Jasmine in front of the Capitol

                Caleb on Capitol Hill

“Unlike previous internships, my time at NCBA wasn’t about finding what I didn’t want my career to be. At NCBA my eyes were opened to a whole host of exciting career paths I never knew existed. Within weeks of starting my internship, I knew I wanted to be a part of the close-knit agricultural community in Washington, D.C. The experience I gained and connections I made at NCBA have helped me to do just that.”

-Caleb Crosswhite (TX), Summer 2011 Intern, U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Agriculture Clerk

"My internship provided me a unique viewpoint of the beef cattle industry, while also allowing me to interact with Congressmen, attend meetings on Capitol Hill and work with trade representatives. It was a crash course to working in D.C. and should be experienced by all college students."

-Jeralyn Stephens (TX), Spring 2011 Intern, Communications Coordinator for Beefmaster Breeders United

Jeralyn at an NCBA PAC event with Congressman Fincher (R-TN)

“I never really paid much attention to politics and legislation but after working with NCBA, I realized the importance of being active in legislation and how it impacts farms and ranches like the ones back home.”

-Alice White, Summer 2011 Intern, Oklahoma State University Senior


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