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It starts with YOU! We work every day to increase profit opportunities for cattle and beef producers. Our success depends upon you, our members.

  • One member – One vote. NCBA policy starts with individual members and ends with individual members who vote in a democratic process.
  • Grassroots driven. We work for cattlemen in all 50 states through a network of individual producers and state and breed affiliate members.
  • Proven track record. As the nation’s largest and oldest association representing cattle and beef producers, NCBA has a proud heritage that goes back to 1898.


  • Grassroots leadership. The volunteer leaders of NCBA are cattle producers just like you.
  • Inclusive and responsive. Individual members introduce policy at NCBA meetings or through their state organizations. All members have the opportunity to vote on all association policy.
  • Influential. NCBA is highly respected in Washington, D.C., and has a reputation for being influential with top policy-makers.
  • Forward-thinking. Through a variety of educational programs—including Cattlemen’s College, Cattle Learning Center and the Young Cattlemen’s Conference—the association helps members succeed and become leaders in the industry.


  • Dedication. NCBA’s government affairs office in Washington, D.C., has full-time staff working daily on ALL the issues that impact your way of life.
  • Protection. As the voice of the cattle industry in Washington, D.C., NCBA is dedicated to protecting you from government overregulation and anti-industry activists, while standing up for common sense environmental legislation and private property rights.
  • Vigilance. Some of the many issues NCBA tackles in Washington, D.C., include environmental issues, animal health, food safety, nutrition education, water rights, disaster/drought relief, international trade, tax relief and death tax reform, property rights, public lands access, Endangered Species Act reform, and animal ID.
  • Effective. With more than 25,000 individual members and more than 60 state and breed affiliates, NCBA represents cattlemen across the United States. NCBA members are active everywhere at all levels of government.

Member Benefits 

Proudly representing the cattle industry on Capitol Hill for more than 100 years, NCBA has represented America’s cattle industry by:

  • Defending cattlemen’s private property rights against overreaching governmental regulations.
  • Protecting cattlemen’s family legacies with estate tax relief.
  • Adding value to cattle and beef by working to open international markets.
  • Delivering cutting edge producer education opportunities to improve cattlemen’s bottom lines.
  • Constantly watching for potential threats from animal rights groups. 

How Your NCBA Membership Adds Up:

In Addition You Will Be Able To:

  • Vote on national beef industry policy
  • Access valuable producer education through live demonstrations, National Cattlemen magazine and online courses
  • Network with a large pool of experienced producers
  • Contact lawmakers directly through
  • Protect your business by staying on top of important issues
  • Ensure a future for the next generation of cattle producers

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