Message from the Chairman


It’s time you have a say in the future of the U.S. beef cattle industry. As you may know, our legislative efforts in Washington, D.C., are vital to the continuing success of the cattle industry. With fewer and fewer members of Congress with a background in production agriculture and with well-funded, anti-animal agriculture activists trying to put a stop to our industry, it is critical that we constantly work to be the authoritative voice of the U.S. beef cattle industry in Washington, D.C. As the nation’s oldest, largest and most respected association of cattle producers we must get involved and tell our story. We have a great story to share.  

In addition to caring for our cattle’s health and welfare, we also care for and protect our natural resources. We represent an industry with more than $44 billion in farm gate receipts annually. When environmental, animal welfare and tax issues arise, members of Congress should turn to us for advice. One way we can educate legislators, counteract the falsehoods spread by activists and change the feelings about our industry is with a strong Political Action Committee (PAC).

By pooling our resources we reached a huge milestone in the last election cycle, raising nearly $1 million. In the November elections, we had 93 percent success rate with candidates we supported. The money you contribute ensures that people who understand the cattle industry and small business can be elected or reelected and sent to Washington.

This next two-year cycle is going to be a major decision point and set the course our nation will take. We need to stay strong to ensure the viability of our industry for the next generation. I want to challenge you to join me in preserving the future of the cattle industry by contributing as much as you can to the PAC. We are strong voice, let’s continue to grow it.


Jim Strickland
NCBA PAC Chairman  


Contributions to NCBA-PAC are not tax deductible for Federal Income Tax purpose. NCBA-PAC may accept only personal checks and credit cards. Federal Law requires that we obtain and report the name, address, occupation and employer for each individual whose contributions aggregate in excess of $200 per calendar year. We do not accept political contributions from foreign nationals.

Additional Information

“Our country does face big problems, but I am very optimistic about America and her future, especially when I see the commitment and values of the ranch families of the NCBA.  It’s important that you make your voice heard in the discussions about America’s direction and let those who represent you in Washington know your views.  Also, your financial support for the NCBA-PAC is essential to making your voice heard.  Only 5% of NCBA members give to the PAC now: your voice will be strong if you help strengthen NCBA's political muscle today.”
- Karl Rove

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