NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) - A trade agreement involving Canada, Mexico, and the U.S., implemented on January 1, 1994, with a 15-year transition period.

National Cattlemen's Beef Association (NCBA) - National organization for cattle breeders, producers, feeders, and affiliated organizations with offices in Englewood, CO, and Washington, DC.  Previously known as the National Cattlemen’s Association or NCA.

National Live Stock and Meat Board (NLSMB) - Organization located in Chicago that provides nutrition, research, education, and promotional information on beef, pork, and lamb.  See also Beef Industry Council (BIC).

national sire evaluation - Programs of sire evaluation conducted by breed associations to compare sires on a progeny-test basis.  Carefully conducted national reference sire evaluation programs give unbiased estimates of expected progeny differences.  Sire evaluations based on field data rely on large number of progeny per sire to compensate for possible favoritism or bias for sires within herds.

native hides - Hides from cattle that have not been hot-iron branded.

natural beef - Refers to beef from cattle that have not been fed growth stimulants or antibiotics.

natural fleshing - Lean meat or muscle.

navel - Area where the umbilical cord was formerly attached to the body of the offspring.

NCBA - See National Cattlemen's Beef Association.

necropsy - To perform a postmortem examination.

NEg - Net energy for gain.

NEl - Net energy for lactation.

NEm - Net energy for maintenance.

net energy - Metabolizable energy minus heat increment, or the energy available to the animal for maintenance and production.

net income - Total revenue earned minus expenses incurred for a given period of time.

net worth (equity) - Represents the owner's claim on the assets of a business:  net worth = assets - liabilities.

net worth statement - See balance sheet.

nicking - Way in which certain lines, strains, or breeds perform when mated together.  When outstanding offspring result, the parents are said to have nicked well.

nipple - See teat.

NPN (nonprotein nitrogen) - Nitrogen in feeds from substances such as urea and amino acids, but not from preformed proteins.

nutrient - (1) Substance that nourishes the metabolic processes of the body.  (2) End product of digestion.

nutrient density - Amount of essential nutrients relative to the number of calories in a given amount of food.

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