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Proudly Representing the Cattle Industry on Capitol Hill
For more than 100 years, NCBA has represented America’s Cattle Industry By:

• Defending cattlemen’s private property rights against overreaching governmental regulations.
• Protecting cattlemen’s family legacies with estate tax relief.
• Adding value to cattle and beef by working to open international markets.
• Delivering cutting edge producer education opportunities to improve cattlemen’s bottom lines.
• Constantly watching for potential threats from animal rights groups.


How Your NCBA Membership Adds Up:


In Addition You Will Be Able To:

  • Vote on national beef industry policy
  • Access valuable producer education through live demonstrations, National Cattlemen magazine and online courses
  • Network with a large pool of experienced producers
  • Contact lawmakers directly through
  • Protect your business by staying on top of important issues
  • Ensure a future for the next generation of cattle producers

"I'm a NCBA member...

...because this organization is determined to preserve this way of life that we have all grown to love."

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