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Date: 3/14/2007

Title: Cattle-Fax Introduces Monthly Cow-Calf Newsletter

DENVER - Responding directly to the needs of its clients in the cow-calf sector, Cattle-Fax has introduced TRENDS, a monthly newsletter specifically for cow-calf producers.

Like other Cattle-Fax publications, TRENDS will provide expert research and analysis on the issues that affect all facets of the cattle and beef industries. But TRENDS will have a special focus – providing cow-calf operators with cutting edge information, business trends and outlooks, and market opportunities. Topics addressed in TRENDS will include: grazing conditions, hay prices and supplies, weaning tips and strategies, replacement female costs and forecasts, retained ownership opportunities, and other issues that directly impact the livelihood of the cow-calf producer.

“Cow-calf producers have just as much need for timely and accurate information as any other sector,” says Cattle-Fax Executive Vice President Randy Blach. “But their needs are certainly different. They are not marketing cattle on a daily or weekly basis, so their focus tends to be on more long-term issues like growing conditions, production costs, and market trends.”

Blach says Cattle-Fax recognizes how difficult it can be for cattlemen to find the time to absorb industry information and analysis. TRENDS is designed to allow cow-calf producers to focus on the issues and market activity that most directly affect them. The newsletter will draw from Cattle-Fax’s expertise in the backgrounding, feeding, and processing sectors, but will tailor the information to the cow-calf producer.

“Cattlemen know that activity in every sector affects their bottom line,” Blach said. “But deciphering market information on a daily basis can sometimes result in overload. TRENDS is a monthly publication that will help producers focus on the in-depth information that most directly affects them.”

To receive a free issue of TRENDS or to start a subscription, call Cattle-Fax at 1-800-825-7525.

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