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Date: 8/9/2010

Title: Sustainable Beef Resource Center Formed

DENVER - At the Cattle Industry Summer Conference, attendees learned about the new Sustainable Beef Resource Center (SBRC) and its mission to provide useful, science-based information to the entire food chain. The SBRC currently is working with third-party experts to create an environmental-impact model and economic analysis of technologies used to help produce wholesome, affordable beef. It also maintains the library of data previously assembled by the Growth Enhancement Technology Information Team (GET IT).

“SBRC members clearly see our organization’s role as that of a go-to resource for associations, coalitions, academia and other industry stakeholders — organizations that already are trusted information sources regarding how beef is produced,” says Paul Parker, SBRC chairman. “This allows us to zero-in on research that can fill information gaps as the industry continuously improves its ability to produce safe, wholesome beef affordably while using fewer natural resources.”

SBRC’s library of research includes six white papers on topics ranging from the 50-year impact of pharmaceutical technologies on beef provided to consumers, to the economic and environmental benefits of current-day beef-management practices. The organization’s website at also features beef-production facts, and talking points about the environmental and economic benefits of beef technologies.

The SBRC website also highlights materials used in a recent “eco-friendly and eco-nomical” marketing campaign. This outreach focused on two topics of interest to consumers: food affordability and environmental sustainability.

For free access to SBRC materials or to obtain more information about partnering with the Sustainable Beef Resource Center, visit

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