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Date: 8/2/2010

Title: Checkoff News: Protein Labeling Study Spotlights Consumer Needs On Beef Packages

DENVER - The Beef Checkoff Program, the National Pork Board and Yerecic Label has announced the completion of Phase One of the second Protein Labeling Study (PLS II). The PLS II study identifies current consumer information needs while shopping the meat case, explores consumer recipe use, and tests a variety of on-pack labels for general appeal and functionality. The results of the study show consumer feedback regarding the effectiveness of new labeling programs offering merchandising and technology applications.

“As consumer shopping habits continuously evolve, our goal is to better understand the information consumers need to purchase more beef products,” says Jim Henger, executive director of marketing for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, which contracts to manage retail programs for the beef checkoff. “Providing on-pack information that helps consumers purchase and prepare fresh beef will lead to increased demand at retail.”
The research provides consumer insight into information that is most helpful to consumers while shopping the meat case, including:

  • Recipes, basic cooking directions and a cooking chart to assist in preparing various cuts of meat and poultry
  • New ways of preparing familiar cuts of fresh meat and poultry
  • Serving suggestions for various cuts to make a complete meal
  • A photo of the finished dish
  • Various meal options to fit different personal preferences

“By partnering with the National Pork Board and Yerecic Label, we are able to stretch beef checkoff dollars while gaining valuable insight into what consumers are looking for while shopping at the meat case,” says Helen Weise, chairman of the Joint Retail Committee and producer from Manning, Iowa.

Additionally, consumers shared their thoughts on several on-pack labeling programs.

  • Easy Fresh Cooking® labels deliver what consumers want/need to make their fresh meat  shopping, preparation and cooking experiences easier.
  • Flavors of the World, a label program that encourages consumers to try different ethnic tastes from around the globe, also appeals to consumers. Consumers say these labels provide variety while introducing new flavors and recipes.
  • AdImpactTM labels highlight cross merchandising information and coupons for complementary items. Consumers look everywhere for bargains today, and they react positively to these labels when the savings are instant and for products they regularly use.

The second phase of PLS II includes controlled store testing of the learnings from Phase One. The results of Phase Two will be available in Spring 2011.

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