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Date: 7/25/2010

Title: US Beef Featured during “American Week” in Oman

DENVER - U.S. beef products attracted strong consumer and vendor interest at a recent festival entitled “American Week” in Oman. The event was organized by The Sultan Center (TSC) Retail Group in cooperation with the U.S. Agricultural Trade Office in Dubai. With support from the Beef Checkoff Program and the Market Access Program (MAP), USMEF distributed U.S. beef promotional materials that drew customers to the meat cases of two participating TSC locations in Al Qurum and Athaibah. TSC further enticed customers with free samples and discount coupons.

Several local media outlets were present as Dr. Richard Schmierer, U.S. Ambassador to Oman, inaugurated the event with an American menu dinner for selected guests. TSC initiated “American Week” as part of an ongoing endeavor to strengthen relationships with its U.S. partners and customers and increase sales of American food products available in the Omani market.

“This event was a very cost-effective way for USMEF to showcase and promote U.S. beef,” said USMEF representative Lina Kanaan. “The outstanding quality of the featured items made them very popular with consumers, and the businesses participating in the festival certainly took note of that.”

U.S. beef exports to the Middle East have continued to gain momentum this year. Through May, exports (including variety meat) to the Middle East region totaled 45,028 metric tons (99.3 million pounds) valued at $78.6 million, an increase of 25 percent in volume and 45 percent in value compared to last year’s pace. Variety meat has historically made up the bulk of U.S. exports to the Middle East, but the sharpest area of growth has been in muscle cuts, which have more than doubled in volume (14,441 metric tons or 31.8 million pounds) and increased more than 70 percent in value ($45 million) over 2009.

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