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Date: 7/25/2010

Title: NCBA's Summer Conference to Address Shrinking U.S. Cattle Herd

DENVER - NCBA's annual Summer Conference is taking place next week in Denver, Colo.! Cattle producers attending the event will receive firsthand information on a variety of issues affecting the beef industry. One of this year's highlights will be NCBA's first ever "Rebuilding the Herd" panel, which will address the shrinking U.S. cattle herd. According to NCBA Chief Economist Gregg Doud, the beef cow herd has been shrinking for 12 of the last 14 years, even though the average cow calf producer has made money in all but three of these years.

"We want to extend this discussion beyond what it takes to retain and develop heifers and the cattle cycle," said Doud. "There are obviously other factors at work here and this discussion is an attempt to flesh out these challenges to the future growth of our industry." 

The panel will feature Mike Thoren, president and CEO of Five Rivers Cattle Feeding; Kevin Good, senior market analyst with Cattle-Fax; Ben Neale, The Beef Connection and NCBA Young Producer's Council vice chairman; and Jack Reich, president of the North Dakota Stockmen's Association. Doud said there will be lively conversation and an array of perspectives.

Another panel at the meeting will focus on the trade relationship between the U.S. and Mexico Dr. Salvador Alvarez, Secretary (Vice President) of Mexico's Confederation of National Livestock Organizations (CNOG); Alejandro Gomez, CNOG legal consultant; Steve Foglesong, NCBA president; and Jay Whetten, Chihuahua Cattlemen's Association.

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