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Date: 7/5/2010

Title: JBS Enters Agreement to Acquire Arizona Feedyard

DENVER - JBS recently announced it is entering into an agreement to acquire the McElhaney feedyard in Arizona. In a brief statement issued on its website, the company indicated that the acquisition of the Welton, Ariz. feedlot will be through the company’s U.S. subsidiary, JBS Five Rivers Cattle Feeding LLC.

According to the statement, McElhaney Feedyard has a one time capacity to feed 130,000 head of cattle and is strategically located in the region of the JBS production facility in Tolleson, Ariz.  The transaction, which includes the purchase of 100 percent of the asset including yards and feed mill, is valued at $24 million.

Wesley Batista, JBS CEO said: “We are very pleased with the proposed acquisition of this state of the art installation through which we can liaise with local producers and ranchers to provide feed service for their cattle and customize the animal diet to suit the needs of our many customers not only in the US but around the world. As I have said previously, we are strong believers in the U.S. livestock community and we will continue our efforts to bring efficiencies to the sector for the benefit of all.”

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