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Date: 4/7/2010

Title: PLC Supports the Cancellation of Valley Sun LLC’s Federal Grazing Permit

WASHINGTON - “The Public Lands Council (PLC) respects and supports the decision by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to revoke Valley Sun, LLC’s grazing permit on federal lands in Idaho.

“The ranchers who graze livestock on public lands take seriously their responsibility as stewards of our nation’s resources. Ranchers are dedicated to protecting and preserving Western landscapes and the wildlife living on them. We do this through managed grazing, which not only helps prevent devastating wildfires, but also maintains natural resources and contributes to a stable habitat for a variety of wildlife species.

“We believe that all permittees on public lands should be held to the same stringent standards as ranchers. Maintaining range improvements on public lands like fencing and watering facilities for livestock and wildlife is a critical component of managing a federal land permit.

“The criteria for managing public lands are not chosen haphazardly. BLM enforces rules requiring rangeland improvements to maintain the health and productivity of our natural resources. PLC supports BLM’s efforts to ensure full compliance with grazing permits in order to effectively protect, preserve and manage America’s public lands.”  

Skye Krebs is a rancher from Ione, Ore. and President of the Public Lands Council. 

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