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Date: 7/9/2008

Title: NCBA evaluates governance structure

DENVER – The cattle producer leaders of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) have appointed a task force to identify potential changes to the governance structure  of NCBA, the nation’s leading cattle organization representing more than 31,000 members. 

The task force is charged with identifying changes that will strengthen NCBA’s service to its members.  Its task will be to find ways to improve the association’s ability to respond to consumer, regulatory and legislative issues impacting the cattle and beef industries efficiently and effectively.  

NCBA is the product of many cattle organizations coming together for more than 100 years to fight for cattlemen’s rights and to solve the industry’s toughest challenges.  Our governance structure shows signs of being the product of multiple mergers, and it really needs to be evaluated to ensure effectiveness and efficiency for the next 100 years,” said NCBA President Andy Groseta, a rancher from Cottonwood, Ariz.

NCBA’s top three officers, including Groseta, selected former NCBA Presidents John Queen (North Carolina) and Jan Lyons (Kansas) to chair the task force.  The three officers and the chairs selected the task force members from nominations that came in across the country to ensure broad regional representation.  The task force members are:

  • Bruce Berven, state association executive, Iowa
  • Bill Brandenberg, producer, Calif.
  • Clifford Dance, producer, Miss.
  • Terry Fankhauser, state association executive, Colo.
  • Jon Ferguson, producer, Kan.
  • Mike John, producer, Mo.
  • Scott Jones, producer, S.D.
  • Michael Kelsey, state association executive, Neb.
  • John Lacey, producer, Calif.
  • Dave Maples, state association executive, Ken.
  • Billy Powell, state association executive, Ala.
  • Larry Rooks, producer, Fla.
  • Dick Sherron, producer, Tex.
  • Brent Tanner, state association executive, Utah
  • Dave True, producer, Wyo.
  • Sid Viebrock, producer, Wash.
  • Garry Wiley, producer, Mich.
  • Ross Wilson, state association executive, Tex.

We appreciate these people’s willingness to serve in such an important initiative.  Their scope will be broad and far-reaching.  I expect their task will take at least a year or more to complete, but the changes they make will impact years to come,” said Groseta.

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