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Date: 5/28/2008

Title: Veterinary Scholarships in High Demand

DENVER and OVERLAND PARK, KAN. – In its inaugural year, the Fort Dodge Animal Health Legacy Scholarship received 158 scholarship applications from students across the country. This new scholarship program was announced at the 2008 Cattle Industry Annual Convention. Made possible by Fort Dodge Animal Health and administered by the National Cattlemen’s Foundation, five scholarships of $5,000 each will be awarded at the Cattle Industry Summer Conference, which will be held July 15-19 in Denver.  In addition to the scholarship, all five recipients will receive an expense-paid trip to attend the conference.  

In the veterinary scholarship award division, 110 scholarship applications from 29 veterinary schools from across the country were submitted.  To be eligible for the award, the student must have designated an interest in bovine practice.  In the undergraduate division, 48 applications were submitted from 28 colleges or universities or from across the country. These applicants are vying for the opportunity to be selected for one of two scholarships that are directed to junior or senior undergraduate students enrolled full-time in animal science programs with an emphasis in bovine production. "We are extremely pleased with the number of applicants for these scholarships,” said Bob Josserand, chair of the foundation’s board of trustees. “The number of applicants represents the great demand for educational assistance and the interest that our young people have in veterinary bovine practice and production."

“Application requirements include two letters of recommendation, a biographical account of experience in the cattle industry, an essay describing a mentor in the beef industry and how that person has shaped the applicant’s life, and career objectives after graduation."

Last fall, producers utilized their Fort Dodge Animal Health purchases to help support this scholarship program – in turn, helping cattle production and cattle-producing families for the next generation.

By purchasing qualifying Fort Dodge Animal Health products, a contribution of 3 percent of each qualifying invoice was made to the scholarship fund. Eligible products included CYDECTIN® and Synanthic® dewormers, SYNOVEX® implants, Triangle® all-killed vaccines, PYRAMID® MLV vaccines, Presponse® vaccines, PRISMTM KV/MLV vaccines and TrichGuard® V5L vaccine.  "Driving change from within requires discipline, strategic thought, and investments," says Craig Wallace, vice president-marketing, Fort Dodge Animal Health. "Frequently, in a changing business climate the long-term investments - which are the future of our industry - are passed over while the short-term challenges consume our time and energy.

"The Legacy Scholarship Program is a commitment from Fort Dodge Animal Health to support the long-term investments so critical to the future of our Industry." The National Cattlemen’s Foundation acknowledges the need for educational assistance and annually distributes more than $64,000 in educational scholarships. For more information, visit

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