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Date: 5/14/2009

Title: Dr. Elizabeth Parker Assumes Leadership Post at Animal Agriculture Alliance

WASHINGTON – Dr. Elizabeth Parker, Chief Veterinarian for the National Cattlemens Beef Association (NCBA), was named as the chair of the Animal Agriculture Alliance (Alliance) Board of Directors today.   

“The Alliance’s work communicating reliable information on behalf of America’s farmers and ranchers is important to the cattle producers at NCBA and every other person that depends on livestock agriculture; from corn and soybean growers all the way down the chain to consumers,” said Dr. Parker. “Everyone involved in the food chain must combat the misleading—and sometimes outrageous—claims of animal rights extremists. The Alliance is proactively working to explain how we ensure the well-being of the animals in our care.”

Dr. Parker praised the Alliance’s role as a forum for agricultural groups to develop common messages.   “When anti-agriculture groups regularly exercise hyperbole to make their case, a reliable group needs to be able to correct the record,” she said. “I consider the Alliance to be in an excellent position to explain the stewardship and responsibility that livestock producers exercise in caring for their animals.”

Dr. Parker, who came to Washington, DC as the 1999-2000 American Veterinary Medical Association’s Congressional Science Fellow for the American Association for the Advancement of Science’s Fellowship Program, has served on the Alliance board since 2007.

“We are excited to have Dr. Elizabeth Parker in this key role,” said Alliance Executive Vice President Kay Johnson. “She is an exceptionally gifted individual with the experience to provide critical guidance that will build upon the Alliance's previous successes.”

As NCBA’s Chief Veterinarian, Dr. Parker focuses on issues related to animal health, animal welfare and food safety and security, especially those being debated within the government agencies and in Congress. Prior to joining NCBA, she was based in Rome, Italy as an International Consultant, Avian Influenza and Planning Operations Officer for the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations where she worked on highly pathogenic avian influenza.

The Animal Agriculture Alliance, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, is a broad-based coalition of individual producers, producer organizations, suppliers, packer-processors, private industry and retailers. The Alliance's mission is to communicate the important role of animal agriculture to our nation's economy, productivity, vitality, security and that animal well-being is central to producing safe, high-quality, affordable food and other products essential to our daily lives.

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