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Date: 2/8/2006

Title: Beef Industry Vision Award Winners Announced

DENVERRecipients of the 2006 Beef Industry Vision Award, presented by the National Cattlemen's Foundation (NCF), were announced Saturday at the Cattle Industry Annual Convention and Trade Show in Denver. Dean Davis of Pingree Design and Equipment of Greeley, Colo., shares this year’s Vision Award with Jim Odle and Buddy Jeffers, founders of Superior Livestock Auction of Ft. Worth, Texas.

The Vision Award, sponsored by Micro Beef Technologies, was established to recognize the best beef innovator of the year.  The recipient is an individual whose innovation has been incorporated into his or her operation and has enhanced the individual business as well as the cattle industry overall.  Nominees were evaluated on the basis of effective use of technology, impact on production costs, ingenuity of implementation, innovative marketing, impact on the industry and optimum resource management.

From box storage to waste treatment, Davis’ innovations have touched almost every aspect of the beef production and meat packing industries. Davis founded Pingree Design and Equipment after a 15-year career with Monfort. His inventions include the walking beam, hide and down pullers and curved feed bunks. All have been used across the nation to reduce costs, decrease injuries, and improve the safety and quality of beef. These innovations have been critical in keeping the U.S. beef industry competitive and efficient.

Odle and Jeffers are true pioneers in the field of cattle marketing. They founded Superior Livestock Auction in 1987, as the nation’s first satellite video cattle auction. Superior Livestock Auction has now grown to become a leader in the cattle marketing industry, with 400 field representatives working across the nation. In one month alone – July 2005 – Superior auctioned over 500,000 head of cattle. The company operates from offices in Ft. Worth and in Brush, Colo. It manages all aspects of a cattle transaction, from contract to delivery and payment.

The satellite auctions founded by Odle and Jeffers benefit both buyers and sellers of cattle, by bringing them together regardless of geographic location. Their innovative method of marketing cattle helps make the entire cattle industry more powerful and vibrant by overcoming obstacles that have traditionally separated buyers and sellers. Odle and Jeffers were also instrumental in developing national standards for pre-conditioning calves, and have been leaders in developing age and source verification methods for cattle.

When presenting the Vision Award, NCF Chairman Bob Josserand said, “The vision put forth by Jim and Buddy of Superior Livestock, and by Dean Davis of Pingree Design, has had a profound impact on our industry. But all eight finalists for this award should be extremely proud. Their innovation has made the beef business better for all of us.”

Editor’s notes:

  • Eight finalists for the Vision Award were announced last month.
  • A photo of the Vision Award winners is available upon request.

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