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Date: 2/20/2006

Title: ANCW Endorses Future Focus Advisory Committee Recommendations

DENVER - At its recent annual meeting, American National CattleWomen, Inc. (ANCW) cast a decisive vote to endorse the recommendations of the Future Focus Advisory Committee.  Recommendations adopted include:

  1. A revised mission statement: “The American National CattleWomen, Inc., is a voice for women who share a passion for the U.S. beef industry; our mission is to promote and support the beef industry by encouraging and equipping women in beef and related agribusiness.
  1. Three core focus areas: beef industry, women’s issues education, and organizational/leadership development.
  1. Restructure of the organization to become more efficient, improve accountability, and structure long range planning in concert with the beef industry plan. A Board of Directors will serve as an oversight committee to ensure the implementation of the Long Range Plan, with sound business practices and fiduciary responsibility, while remaining loyal to the organization’s core values.
  1. A vision statement: “Founded in 1952, The American National CattleWomen enthusiastically volunteers to support the well-being of beef commerce in promotion and consumer education.  Operating throughout the United States, ANCW offers a wide range of benefits to members including: representation in the beef industry; personal development; leadership opportunities; collaboration; research and forums on related women’s issues. As an organization, ANCW remains fiscally strong through membership dues, financial support from contributors and grants.  Independent and progressive, ANCW is viewed as one of the beef industry’s most dynamic volunteer organization with core values that remain constant.  ANCW provides a culture of innovation with distinguished partnerships in the beef industry that attracts thousands of members and establishes a strong national network of CattleWomen.”

Incoming ANCW president, Nancy Stirling-Neuhauser of South Dakota, immediately began implementation of several recommendations.  A leadership development orientation workshop was conducted for new executive committee members, regional directors and committee chairs following their installation.  This workshop was sponsored in part by Fort Dodge Animal Health.

The new ANCW Board of Directors includes four at-large members elected by the general membership, the current president, a past president, and all state affiliate presidents.  The four at-large members will serve three-year, staggered terms to allow for continuity on the board.  Those elected were: Nancy Ray, Grady, Ala., Jane Lee, Goldendale, Wash., Marcia Calloway, Hogansville, Ga., and Barbara Jackson, Tucson, Ariz.

ANCW has already made a commitment to focus on the core areas of leadership development and personal and professional development for women in the beef industry. To fulfill this commitment, ANCW has contracted with JRB Associates, Inc. of Oak Grove, Minn., to design, develop and coordinate educational programs for these core areas.

The Future Focus Advisory Committee was appointed in July 2004.  During the past 18 months, the committee used a variety of methods to research challenges and explore solutions to keep ANCW a dynamic, volunteer organization supporting the beef industry into the 21st century.  Members of the advisory committee were elected representatives of the ANCW regions.  Committee members included:

  • Lucille Carlin, Ohio, Region I
  • Carol McIntosh, Mississippi, Region II
  • Juanita Reed-Boniface, Minnesota, Region III
  • Rosemary Gambino, Texas, Region IV
  • Jean Berney, Washington, Region V
  • Joan Hemsted, California, Region VI
  • Nancy Meyering, Nebraska, Region VII
  • Barbara Jackson, Arizona, member at large

The committee was also assisted by these ANCW executive officers: Marlene Strickland, Florida, 2005 ANCW President, Nancy Stirling-Neuhauser, South Dakota, 2006  ANCW President, Wendy Pettz, Arkansas, 2006 ANCW President-elect and Susie Magnuson, Colorado, 2004 ANCW President.

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