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Date: 3/15/2006

Title: Beef Ambassador Program Receives Grant

DENVER - The National Beef Ambassador Program (NBAP) has received a $9,000 grant through the American National CattleWomen Foundation, Inc. The donor, who wishes to remain unpublicized, issues grants to charitable organizations to enable them to improve, facilitate and enhance cherished goals for mankind, in community and in agriculture.

NBAP is administered by American National Cattlewomen, Inc. A major objective of NBAP is to provide leadership education for youth beef ambassadors, so they can become advocates for the beef industry and help build demand for beef.

This grant will be used to send the 2006 class of youth beef ambassadors to the NCBA Spring Conference in Washington, D.C., as part of their leadership training. The Ambassadors will experience first-hand a representative, democratic system of government. They will also have the opportunity to visit their state’s congressional representatives and officials at the United States Department of Agriculture, and to meet with prominent leaders in the beef industry.

Amanda Nolz of Mitchell, S.D., winner of the National Beef Ambassador Competition in held in November, will be among the participants.

“The Spring Conference is a tremendous opportunity for all of us to learn more about the beef industry and further develop our leadership skills,” Nolz said. “We’re very appreciative of this grant and for all of the support we receive from throughout the beef industry.”

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