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Date: 4/6/2006

Title: USAIO Statement: USDA's Animal ID Plan, AFBF Joins USAIO Board

WASHINGTON - “USAIO agrees that the time has come to move the national animal identification system forward, and that market forces are placing a greater sense of urgency on the issue of traceability. Livestock producers need access to a reliable animal movement database. That is why USAIO was created, and we are ready to provide this important tool to the nation’s farmers and ranchers.

“Our beta-testing phase has been extremely successful. This gives us great confidence that the system is ready to receive live data from livestock producers.

“We share Secretary Johanns’ desire to meet producer participation benchmarks on a voluntary basis, and feel this can be accomplished if a workable, cost-effective solution is made available as soon as possible.

“I am also very pleased to welcome the newest member of the USAIO Board of Directors. The America Farm Bureau Federation has chosen Don Shawcroft, vice president of the Colorado Farm Bureau and an Alamosa, Colo., area rancher, to represent Farm Bureau on the USAIO. He joins Bob Smith, representing the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association; Lance Kuck, representing the National Bison Association; Rick Stott, representing the Northwest Pilot Project; and myself, representing the Southeastern Livestock Network. The board will be further expanded as various industry groups adopt the USAIO as their repository for animal movement data.”

by Charles Miller, Nicholasville, Ky. - USAIO Chairman

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