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Find out what legislation NCBA is currently paying close attention to in the Legislative Watch.  Or, contact your Elected Officials using the Capwiz online advocacy tool to send messages to legislators and other key people.  Stay Informed with the Beltway Beef weekly report from Washington, D.C., for an up-to-date summary of top policy initiatives concerning the cattle industry.


For more than 20 years, the National Cattlemen’s Beef Associations (NCBA) Political Action Committee (PAC) has been the political arm of the largest national trade association representing U.S. cattlemen and women. NCBA-PAC raises funds from personal voluntary contributions from NCBA members and pools those contributions together to support political candidates who support the U.S. beef cattle industry. The PAC gives cattle producers access and visibility the industry needs to have its voice heard on Capitol Hill.   

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For membership information, contact NCBA at 1-866-BEEF-USA or membership@beef.org.
For our Government Affairs office, contact NCBA DC at 202-347-0228.

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"We truly feel the NCBA...

...is a grassroots organization and there is power in numbers. Where else have you been part of a crowd of 6,000 people who salute the flag and say prayer before an annual conference?"

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Kris Vincent
Ohio Rancher