Recruiters & Program Results

Congratulations 2015 Top Hand Recruiters!

The 2015 Top Hand Club ended the year with 134 recruiters reaching Top Hand Club status. These recruiters referred a total of 1,240 new members to NCBA! Thank you all for working hard to grow and strengthen your national organization. 

2015 Top Hand Winners


Champion Recruiter: Frank Daley, Colorado Cattlemen’s Association


Champion Revenue Recruiter and Res. Champion Recruiter: Melody Benjamin, Nebraska Cattlemen’s Association


3rd Top Recruiter: Adam McClung, Arkansas Cattlemen’s Association

2015 Grand Prize Case IH Drawing was awarded to Ryan Higbie from Kansas

The CASE IH a $15,000 credit drawing, sponsored by Case IH, took place at the 2016 Cattle Industry Annual Convention’s Best of Beef Awards Breakfast in San Diego, CA. There were a total of 157 entries earned by qualified Top Hand Club members during the 2015 recruitment year.

Please note the new qualification rules for the 2016 recruitment period:
Earn 1 drawing entry for each 5 new members you recruit! The more you recruit, the better your odds!




"We truly feel the NCBA... a grassroots organization and there is power in numbers. Where else have you been part of a crowd of 6,000 people who salute the flag and say prayer before an annual conference?"

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Kris Vincent
Ohio Rancher