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You asked for it and now it is available! Thanks to Dr. Bruce Godfrey at Utah State University, the IRM Redbook has been developed into an Excel spreadsheet. This spreadsheet is a great companion tool to the Redbook in that you can enter and analyze the data that you have recorded in the field. 

The spreadsheet features the same record keeping sections as the Redbook in an easy to use Excel format.

You can download the spreadsheet free of charge, or if you would like to order a mini-cd the cost is $8 plus shipping and handling.

Price: $8.00 each (plus s&h)

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Download the IRM Redbook Excel Spreadsheet for FREE!

Excel Spreadsheet (version 2007) 

Excel Spreadsheet (version 97-2003) 

Having troubles viewing the tabs in the spreadsheet? Make sure that you choose "Save" when prompted and save it to your computer before trying to open.  If you still cannot view the tabs, then make sure that both the Excel window and the Worksheet window are maximized. 

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