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Through an exclusive partnership with Roper, Stetson & Tin Haul, new and existing NCBA members will receive significant discounts on apparel and footwear.

Join NCBA today and receive a 50% off coupon for Roper, Stetson & Tin Haul Apparel and Footwear!

Current members receive quarterly 25% off coupons through the National Cattlemen publication.

Recruit 3 new NCBA members to become a Top Hand Club member and get a 50% off coupon.  Keep recruiting and qualify for additional Roper, Stetson & Tin Haul prizes.

Start shopping and redeem your coupon today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my coupon at any store that has Roper, Stetson & Tin Haul apparel? 
Your coupon is ONLY GOOD at

What if I don’t have internet or a computer, how do I redeem my coupon?
This is a program that will only be offered on, so visit your local library or visit a friend with internet access.

Can I get a Stetson cowboy hat?
Your coupon is only good for Roper/ Stetson Boots and Apparel on the web store. Stetson hat brand is owned by a separate company.

Are the coupons for a single item or an entire purchase? 
Your coupon is good on your ENTIRE purchase on the web store, not including any related taxes or shipping.

How much is shipping? 
Shipping information is posted on the web store.

How do I make returns or exchanges? 
All return and exchange information is listed on the store.

Where do I find the NCBA coupon code number? 
Your coupon code is located in the bottom right hand corner of the coupon.

I didn't get my National Cattlemen so how do I get my coupon?
Call 866.233.3872 to check on your membership status.  This is an NCBA member exclusive benefit.  You can also go to the Member Center to check your membership status on-line. 

I lost my coupon, can I get a replacement? 
Call 1.866.233.3872 and the membership team will verify your membership status and provide a new coupon code for you.

I noticed new NCBA members received a 50% coupon and I only got a 25% coupon, what’s up? 
To encourage NCBA membership growth, we are offering a different coupon.  But current members receive FOUR 25% coupons over the course of the year.  ALSO, current NCBA members can receive a 50% coupon by becoming a member of the NCBA Top Hand Club.  To join the Top Hand Club, simply recruit three new members.

Can I give my coupon to someone? 
You can BUT this is an EXCLUSIVE NCBA member benefit.  Be sure to ask them to join when you give them the coupon so they can start enjoying this and the many other benefits of NCBA membership.

Can I use the same coupon twice? 
No, each coupon has a unique code and the web store will not accept the same code twice.



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