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Cattlemen's College Speakers & Topics

"Sustainability and the Future of Beef" 

Keynote Speaker Bob Langert, Corporate Vice President Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability at McDonald’s Corporation.

Sustainability and the Future of Beef - What does the largest buyer of U.S. beef – a company that serves 69 million global consumers a day – see ahead for the sustainability of our industry? Bob Langert, who heads the global approach in this area for the McDonald’s Corporation, will share his company’s sustainable supply chain vision and how beef fits.




"Vaccinations: The Tip of the Iceberg"

Dr. Arn Anderson's key points:

  • Veterinarian vs. your neighbor
  • BQA works
  • Not all vaccines are equal
  • Vaccines are not a substitute for management
  • Practical scheduling
  • Over Vaccinating
  • Vaccinations and their role in bio security
  • Vaccines are part of an overall health program
  • Beware of the "cookie cutter" programs
  • Measuring success or failure




"The Ecology and Economics of Drought"

Dr. Rod Heitschmidt key points:

  • In many regions, drought is the norm not the exception. Plan accordingly
  • In most rangelands, we are always within 30 days of a drought
  • Ranchers are eternal optimists when it comes to rain. They have to remain sane
  • Assuming no weather service, what would you predict tomorrow's weather is going to be
  • When do you grow forage
  • How can I determine with reasonable certainty that now is the time to implement effective drought management tactics?
  • What are some of the most effective tactics?  Cull heavily and early, wean early, incorporate flexible stocker operation into program, etc.
  • What are the short- and long-term ecological consequences of prolonged drought on grazingland ecosystems?


Dr. Jim Connor's key points:

  • Setting the stage: economic and financial implications of drought for the cattle rancher
  • Assessing the economic and financial consequences of alternative responses to reduced forage supply
  • Short and long-run implications of alternative responses for ranch income statement and balance sheet
  • Income tax issues and implications of the alternative responses



"Stop the Fighting on the Way to the Funeral Home!"

Jolene Brown's key points:

  • It doesn't matter if the next generation is ready if the senior generation isn't
  • Six prerequisties of hiring a family member
  • Money matters
  • If it's not  in writing, it doesn't exist
  • Farmers lie: the three biggest lies in agriculture
  • Mind reading is not an acceptable form of communication
  • Productive meetings are not a waste of time
  • In-laws and siblings...your best friends or worst enemies
  • Fair versus equal - overcoming this stumbling block of succession
  • The value of appreciation and celebration



"Beef Cattle Welfare: Importance, Issues and Progress"

Dr. Karen Schwartzkopf-Genswein's key points:

  • What is animal welfare
  • What are the current welfare issues for the North American beef industry
  • Why do we care about it
  • Who cares about it
  • How do we measure it
  • How do we decide certain management practices need to be altered
  • Recommendations for change should be based on science
  • Application of knowledge/science in a commerical setting
  • Is there a relationship between welfare and economics
  • Relationship between welfare and sustainability

Dean Danilson's key points:

  • Sustainability and animal well being
  • Responsible sourcing
  • Responsible producing
  • Animal well being paradigm shift - optimize vs. maximize
  • FarmCheck - pork 2013 review, beef 2014
  • Customer perspectives
  • Animal welfare issues of farm animals


"Feed Efficiency: Opportunities and Challenges"

Dr. Larry Berger's key points:

  • High feed cost will create opportunities for beef cattle breeders who select for improved feed efficiency
  • Pork and poultry producers have made great improvements in feed efficiency
  • Measuring feed efficiency across the whole beef production system is very challenging
  • New equipment to measure individual feed intake or residual gain has real adantages over selecting for feed gain
  • Selecting proven bulls that can improve feed efficiency of progeny can dramatically reduce feed cost
  • Selecting for feed efficiency does not mean that carcass quality, yield or weight will be sacrificed
  • Differences in maintenance energy requirements appear to be a major factor explaining differences in feed efficiency
  • Selecting for milk production increases maintenance engery requirements
  • Feed efficiency should be part of a selection index that accounts for all major variables influencing the profitability of a beef production system

"Maintaining Profitability with Stockers"

Brain Celsor's key points:

  • Understand your market
  • Understand the availability of feedstuffs for your area
  • Secure and maintain adequate facilities
  • Know your time commitments
  • Know your time requirements away from the farm/ranch
  • Develop relationships with industry peers
  • Know and understand water requirements for the season
  • Know and understand seasonality of market
  • Secure adequate logistic partners
  • Pay attention to the details

"What is the Latest in Beltway Gossip"

Roger Bernard's key points:

  • How did the government shutdown and debt limit fiasco impact US farm policy and the farm bill
  • Biofuels policy
  • Trade matters continue as a key factor for the US beef industry
  • Beta agonist-related bans remain a frustration
  • The economy continues to be buffeted by headwinds
  • The US dollar's value key for US ag exports
  • COOL continues as a focal point
  • Will farm policy for grain and soybeans help or hurt the US beef industry
  • Control of the House and Senate-outlook for 2014 elections

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