United Kingdom BSE Timeline

1986: United Kingdom finds first case of BSE.

1988: United Kingdom bans ruminant MBM1 in cattle feed and starts passive BSE testing.

1993: United Kingdom BSE epidemic peaks at 1,000 cases per week.

1994: United Kingdom bans all mammalian protein in ruminant feed due to cross contamination.

1996: United Kingdom starts feed sampling program to test feed ban compliance.

2001: United Kingdom starts active BSE surveillance program.

2006: United Kingdom lifts the beef embargo on United States beef products that was put in place after 2003 BSE case. Trade will resume with beef-on-the-bone from animals less than 31 months of age and live animals that were born before August 1, 1996.

1: Meat and bone meal (MBM) from BSE-infected cattle used as a protein supplement in cattle feed is believed to cause the spread of BSE.
2: MBM imports from United Kingdom were banned by Canada in 1978 for reasons other than BSE prevention.
3: The European Commission's Food and Veterinary Office (FVO).
4: General Accounting Office 2002 report, which identified potential steps for strengthening the United States feed ban firewall.

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