wasty - Excessive accumulation of fat.

wattle - Method of cattle identification in which 3-6-inch strips of skin are cut on the nose, jaw, throat, or brisket.

weaner - Calf that has been weaned or is near weaning age.

weaning (wean) - Separating young animals from their dams so that the offspring can no longer suckle.

weaning weight - Weight of the calf at approximately 5-10 months of age when the calf is removed from the cow.

weaning weight EPD - Estimate of the weaning weight (lb) potential of a sire's progeny.  Positive numbers indicate above-average performance while negative values indicate below-average weights when compared to other bulls in the same sire summary.  This estimate is for direct growth, as maternal effects are removed in the calculations.  See also expected progeny difference (EPD).

weaning weight ratio - The weaning weight of a calf divided by the herd average.  Usually done within sex.

weight per day of age (WDA) - Weight of an individual animal divided by days of age.

white meat - Meat from poultry.  See also red meat.

white muscle disease - Muscular disease caused by a deficiency of selenium or vitamin E.

wholesalers - Beef operations that buy and sell beef to other firms; considered the middlemen between the packer and consumer segments.

"window of acceptability" - Identifies the acceptable minimum and maximum amounts of fat in meat on the basis of meat palatability and human health.

"with calf" - Heifer or cow is pregnant.

withdrawal time - Amount of time before slaughter during which a drug cannot be given to an animal.

"woody" - Opposite of "bloom"--that is, the animal's hair coat appears dull, not shiny.  Associated with unthrifty calves.  See also "bloom."

World Trade Organization (WTO) - Established on January 1, 1995 as a result of the Uruguay Round, the WTO replaces GATT as the legal and institutional foundation of the multilateral trading system of member countries.

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