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Date: 12/24/2012

Title: Holiday Weather and January 2013 Outlook

The stormy weather we discussed last week came to fruition with a good old fashioned blizzard across many areas of the Rockies and especially Nebraska, Iowa and Wisconsin. Despite the nasty weather, the snowfall was great to see as the most precipitation in many weeks fell across some of the central plains.

Snowfall and precipitation amounts were impressive and much needed. See snowfall map for December 19 and December 20 (courtesy of the National Weather Service).

The heaviest snows were found across Wisconsin where some areas received over 20 inches of snow! (Map courtesy of National Weather Service, Milwaukee).This week will bring more winter weather to the lower 48 states. Another storm will move out of the Rockies on Christmas Day. This system will spread mostly light to moderate snows across Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma. Snow could also penetrate as far south as Arkansas. 

The storm will reform and gather strength over the Ohio Valley Tuesday and Wednesday bringing cold and snow before heading into the Mid Atlantic and New England on Thursday into Friday. This storm will bring snow to portions of the southern and eastern Corn Belt that were missed by the most recent storm. 

Yet another storm will move off the west coast and into the Rockies on Thursday and Friday spreading more cold and snow across the central and northern plains. This storm will be followed by another Pacific storm system on New Year’s Eve. 

Needless to say, stormy weather is likely for most of the nation into the New Year. It will be quite cold in many areas with the coldest temperatures in the northern plains and Great Lakes. Freezing temperatures could plunge as far south and eastern Texas just after Christmas.

Stock growers, especially in the northern states should be prepared for cold and unsettled weather well into the New Year. 

Will the cold and stormy weather continue into early 2013? Here at DayWeather, we just issued our 30 day outlook for January. 

January is going to be a very cold month over most of the nation.

As you can see, a large percentage of the nation will experience below normal temperatures, especially east of the Rockies with the core of the coldest air impacting the central and northern plains and Great Lakes. Only the far southwest and Great Basin states will be spared from the coldest air. 

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