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Date: 1/26/2015

Title: A Peak into February’s Weather

February could be a wild and crazy month coast to coast as mid winter could get quite interesting for many.
Over the next week to ten days, no fewer than three, perhaps four major snow events will move across the Midwest, Great Lakes and especially the northeast and New England.
Historic cold and snow in many areas of the Northeast will be possible over this week and into February.
There are several major weather features in place that promise the potential for active weather coast to coast during February. Ocean temperatures, expected stratospheric warming in the Arctic and a few other factors are lining up to make February a cold and stormy month for many.
The graphic below highlights our long range outlook for February in regards to precipitation. 



There are two areas of above normal precipitation expected. The one area we are hoping comes to fruition is the area of expected above normal precipitation extending south from the Pacific Northwest and into California where more rain and snow is desperately needed. There are indications that February could be an active month along with west coast with several storm systems moving through.

The next area of interest in the Great Lakes region and portions of the Mid Atlantic and New England where above normal precipitation is expected. Some areas of the Mid Atlantic and southern New England have not received a lot of snow this winter. However, that may change in February. Most of the precipitation that falls in those areas this month will be in the frozen form.
There are two areas that have been dry this winter that may continue to be drier than normal. Portions of the Dakotas and Nebraska may be a little drier than normal as well as portions of southeast Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.
February is also likely going to be a cold month as well for many beef producers from the east slopes of the Rockies to the Midwest, Great Lakes and New England.
With warmer than normal water temperatures persisting in the eastern Pacific, the odds are high that periods of very cold weather will be likely in from the Northern Plains east across the Great Lakes to portions of New England.



Only the far west and southwestern areas of the country are expected to have temperatures above normal. Beef producers should be prepared for periods of severe cold and wind chills in the far northern areas of the plains and Great Lakes this month along with good snow chances.



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