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Date: 2/3/2015

Title: More Winter Weather Coming

After a fairy tranquil weather pattern across the United States during the month of January, the weather has suddenly turned cold and stormy for many beef producers across the nation’s midsection, Great Lakes and especially in the Northeast.
Record snows hit New England at the end of the month, while in the past week Chicago and Detroit broke 24 hour snowfall records where some areas received over a foot and a half of snow. Portions of Iowa and Nebraska were hit hard as well and the snowy weather moved more westerly over the past week.

As you can see in the graphic below, snow cover across the USA has increased dramatically over the past two weeks. With more cold and snow coming, expect this map to look the same, with perhaps growing snow cover in the next week or two.


Although there will be a brief respite in the harsh winter weather late this week and into Saturday in the Midwest and Great Lakes,  beef producers in those states should expect a return to colder and possibly snowy weather late in the weekend and into next week.
Snow will continue to pile up in many areas of the Corn Belt, Midwest and New England with below normal temperatures continuing through at least the first half of February.
Farther west, winter weather conditions have not been as severe in the Northern Rockies and western High Plains as well as California. However, those locations are likely going to see an increase in stormy and colder weather as February progresses. While Southern California will continue to be dry, expect increasing chances for rain and mountain snow in central and northern California in the coming days.
At the moment, a prolonged “thaw” like some experienced in January is not likely going to develop this month. Therefore, be prepared for more winter weather in the coming weeks, especially in the nation’s mid section and east but also spreading westward in the weeks ahead.





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