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Date: 2/9/2015

Title: More Northeast Misery – Cold to Expand Westward

For beef producers in the Great Lakes and New England there is more winter misery on the way over the next week to ten days. More Arctic air will slide southeast into those areas this week along with two major “clipper” type systems that will bring additional snow accumulations to areas approaching record snowfall for the month.
As you can see in the graphic below, snow cover is quite extensive  in the upper Midwest, Great Lakes and New England and very deep across eastern Canada. Conversely, the snow cover is very sparse in the plains, western High Plains and lower elevations of the Rockies.


The snow is as sparse in the west as it is deep in the Northeast and Great Lakes! Over the next week, there will be more cold and snow pouring south in the already hard hit areas listed above. Beef producers in those states will have to endure more bone chilling cold and snow. Also, expect the cold and snow to push farther to the southeast along east coast and into some areas of the southeast by this weekend.
Looking ahead, while the last several weeks have focused the worst weather in the Great Lakes and New England, beef producers in the Northern Plains and Northern Rockies should be prepared for the return of winter weather conditions.

Beginning early next week, some of the cold that has bee locked up in the Great Lakes and New England may expand westward in the Northern Plains and perhaps as far west as the Northern Rockies putting an end to the recent spell of very mild winter weather conditions.

The far west, including California may also be in line for more needed rain and snow next week and beyond. Therefore, for folks in the mild west and north central areas of  the United States be prepared for changes next week.




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