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Date: 3/2/2015

Title: In Like a Lion

March will start off with a bang for most of the lower 48 states as winter weather will strike once again.

The first week of March will start off with snow and very cold temperatures for all of the Rockies and portions of the Desert Southwest. Recent snows have boosted snowpacks in Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico over the past two weeks.
Hopefully the recent snows and upcoming spring storms will help bring relief the drought areas of the west. As you can see in the graphic below, dry conditions persist in many areas of the Southwest and California. 


Snows and unseasonably cold temperatures will once again strike the Midwest, Great Lakes and New England. Beef producers from the Rockies to the Northeast will have to endure some more cold and now through the first week to ten days of March.

After a cold start to March, there are some indications that the lower 48 states may get a reprieve from the cold and snowy weather beginning this upcoming weekend and into next week as a more mild weather pattern will develop.

However, beef producers should not rest on their laurels, as all indications suggest that the stormy weather will pick up again by the middle of the month. The warm water temperatures off the west coast of North America continue to persist. This will likely keep the odds high of colder weather returning for the second half of March.


The warmer waters in the eastern Pacific could also make for a cool and possibly wet weather pattern in April and May. The JMA long range model, is suggesting cool and damp conditions for many areas of the United States in March, April and May.


The graphic highlights areas of warmer than normal temperatures for March, April and May (red) and below normal temperatures (blue). Most of the lower 48 states from the Rockies east may end up with overall colder than normal temperatures for the three month period of March, April and May. The warmer than normal water temperatures in the eastern Pacific would support that notion.





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